Lovable places ~ Miau Café

Lovable places ~ Miau Café

After an unforgettable season, I wanted my last day of summer to be special. I was craving for a new place to fall in love with, something local, but at the same time out of this world. Well, I was lucky to find a little café that combines amazing vegan drinks, a cosy setting and… lots of kitties. Not too far away from Bucharest’s city centre, Miau seems like the one and only place to visit and have the ultimate relaxation session.


Me and my friends were greeted not only by a colourful garden and an instant good vibe, but also by two cats (already!). I was pleased to see how gorgeous was the decor, welcoming us into a comfortably hippie atmosphere. Anyway, we chose to run away from the summer heat and shelter inside for the best kitty experience. And oh boy, how much cuteness we came across!


The main room was a cat playground, we couldn’t be more excited! We met so many adorable kitties (with as many different personalities haha) and believe me, you just can’t stop “aww”-ing and petting these wonderful creatures. Besides entertaining them with all the toys there, the best thing about this place is… they are adoptable! It’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one of them, maybe fall so much that you want to take it home!

Miau Cafe 005Miau Cafe 010Miau Cafe 003

The various menu of delicious vegan drinks (from coffee and tea to smoothies), the board games and the friendly staff topped it all off, turning a simple café visit into the most enjoyable way to spend a last lazy summer afternoon. Totally recommending it!

Miau Cafe 008

Until next time! 🙂


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A Journey to Thassos, Greece

A Journey to Thassos, Greece

As I have Greek origins, I decided to set a life goal for myself. That is visiting as much as I can in Greece and learning about everything it is built of, from language and traditions to food, music and dances. There’s barely anything more beautiful than sharing the passion you have deep inside your heart and I have to say, this country really makes me feel in a some kind of special way I’ve never felt before.

This year, our choice was Thassos, situated in the north-east of Greece, one of the closest spots to visit to my country. After a long trip crossing the south of Romania, Bulgaria and a bit more Greek land, we arrived in Keramoti, where we boarded the ferry to the gorgeous island. I was instantly amazed by the azure sea, the salty fresh air and the immediate friendliness of the local people. With a frappé by my side, I really enjoyed the short ride, admiring the views and being followed by a trail of hungry seagulls (they were eating biscuits and other treats right from people’s hands!).


We finally got on Thassos and man were we tired! Sincerely, the trip is pretty exhausting, but it’s so worth it. We drove a bit more until Skala Potamia, the place we had our booking in. We spent 10 nights at Villa Billena having the time of our lives in such great conditions and amazing hosts. I still miss those cosy evenings with random chats and laughs, surrounded by kitties.

Thassos 2015 267Thassos 2015 27620160712_181747

Oh my, the beaches… We went to four of them as we visited some more last year as well. They are breathtakingly gorgeous with their fine sands, warm, crystal clear water and relaxing atmosphere. They turned into some of my favourite places to just think, dream and read… Take me back already!

Thassos 2016 207Thassos 2016 215Thassos 2016 216Thassos 2016 111

Thassos 2016 110
Golden Beach in Skala Panagia, where we spent most of out time because it was so close! Definitely one of the best.

Thassos 2016 044Thassos 2016 045

Thassos 2016 050
The famous Marble Beach, one of the special attractions of the island as it is surrounded by marble quarries and covered in marble pebbles.

Thassos 2016 077Thassos 2016 097Thassos 2016 098

Thassos 2016 110
La Scala Beach, a bit more luxurious than the others, but worth visiting. You will be welcomed by the best waters to bath in, the friendliest of waiters and an excellent beach bar!


San Antonio Beach, another amazing choice, very peaceful and relaxing, coming with a restaurant that will let you drool over its variety of food!

Speaking of this restaurant in San Antonio, I had my first proper Greek night here! Words cannot describe how good I felt, I want to do it all over again every single day! We ate delicious dishes, listened to traditional music and danced with some of the best entertainers I’ve seen. Such well-spent time, I’ll never forget it!

20160711_20350620160711_20351320160711_20344520160711_203456Thassos 2016 024Thassos 2016 030

On another day we found ourselves in the beautiful Limenas, the capital city of Thassos. We walked in the harbour, roamed all the souvenir shops and ate the best cheese pies. We were lucky enough to catch the sunset too, it’s definitely the best time of the day to visit this place. You can also book a lot of cruise trips here like we did last year (unfortunately we couldn’t do it now), there are many offers such as the island tour on boat or the tour of Thassos’s bays, it’s a must!

20160714_19370720160714_193710Thassos 2016 120Thassos 2016 125Thassos 2016 130Thassos 2016 131Thassos 2016 137Thassos 2016 151

A great place to eat would be the Iatrou Tavern in Theologos, welcoming you with a superb mountain view, perfectly prepared food and funny waiters!


And can we just talk about all the cats in this place… It’s heaven for kitty lovers (like me)!!


Thassos 2016 193
Spot the kitty!

By far my favourite activity was the walk on the Skala Potamia promenade in the evening… That is what I call my dream place! So many taverns and food stalls to choose from, numerous shops with the most various of goodies, a beautiful harbour and, last but not least, the unique atmosphere filled with kindness, tradition and fun.

Thassos 2016 05620160710_20331420160710_20595020160710_21012720160710_21151220160710_205736

I really wish I lived here… But oh well, I guess I’ll stick to some of these visits for now! There’s something really special about this place, I’d come here all the time, I feel like I belong here. It’s like I left a piece of my soul in those waters, on those alleys, in those taverns… Kind of like a Horcrux, isn’t it? *nerdy mode on*

20160710_093615Thassos 2016 222

I’m so glad I could share this experience with you! I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Until next time! 🙂