Bucharest is rarely visited by heavy snow… Well today, the weather took us all by surprise! I still don’t know if I consider it a pleasant or a bad one though, I’m not a huge fan of snow. Anyway, one thing I am sure about is that I could not hold in my happiness when I peeked through my curtains and all the surroundings were sprinkled in pure, fluffy snowflakes! I missed this view…


At least for the first part of the day, I decided to completely relax and take advantage of the calm atmosphere. Curled up with my blanket and my hot coffee, I selected some things that make me loosen up. I could not pass handing myself a Christmas mug and some carols (1. because I wasn’t lucky enough to have a snowy Christmas Day; 2. because I just can’t get over the fact that the holidays are almost over!).


These are a few of my lazy day essentials:

  • a hot drink in a festive mug;
  • some good music (I can never go wrong with Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die: The Paradise Edition);
  • some colouring material (this time I chose a lovely gift I received from a dear friend: colouring kitty bookmarks!);
  • some good reads: I’ve just finished Cișmigiu et Comp., by Grigore Băjenaru, a wonderful lecture in which the author pictures the challenging, yet charming daily high school life through his eyes (what is even nicer is that everything takes places in my actual high school!); I’ve also begun reading some poems by another favourite, Nichita Stănescu;

Ever since the year started, I’ve been setting up some plans for the time that is to come, one of which I want to share with you now, because I find it more important than many others. That is spending more quality time with my family and friends. I am disappointed to say that 2016 came like a storm of strange feelings and unexpected stress to me. I was not able to allow as much time to my dear ones as I really meant to.

But I want to believe that this year, everything regarding to this will change. I will try my hardest to overcome the problems that are inevitable to appear and see the bright side of life on as many occasions as I can. Because, to me, nothing is more important than cherishing the special people in my life and the moments we have together.

Well, that’s a wrap-up for today! Later, I will go out with my mom, walk around the city, maybe visit a coffee shop and talk, talk, talk… just like girls do!

I hope you had an amazing day!

Until next time! 🙂






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