After an unforgettable season, I wanted my last day of summer to be special. I was craving for a new place to fall in love with, something local, but at the same time out of this world. Well, I was lucky to find a little café that combines amazing vegan drinks, a cosy setting and… lots of kitties. Not too far away from Bucharest’s city centre, Miau seems like the one and only place to visit and have the ultimate relaxation session.


Me and my friends were greeted not only by a colourful garden and an instant good vibe, but also by two cats (already!). I was pleased to see how gorgeous was the decor, welcoming us into a comfortably hippie atmosphere. Anyway, we chose to run away from the summer heat and shelter inside for the best kitty experience. And oh boy, how much cuteness we came across!


The main room was a cat playground, we couldn’t be more excited! We met so many adorable kitties (with as many different personalities haha) and believe me, you just can’t stop “aww”-ing and petting these wonderful creatures. Besides entertaining them with all the toys there, the best thing about this place is… they are adoptable! It’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one of them, maybe fall so much that you want to take it home!

Miau Cafe 005Miau Cafe 010Miau Cafe 003

The various menu of delicious vegan drinks (from coffee and tea to smoothies), the board games and the friendly staff topped it all off, turning a simple café visit into the most enjoyable way to spend a last lazy summer afternoon. Totally recommending it!

Miau Cafe 008

Until next time! 🙂


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