What a chill Sunday it was. Too bad it’s already gone! Days like this are always welcome in the stressful environment called high school. It is good to know that bits and pieces of relaxation still exist when paper work and tests seem to be the only things that are taking over my life.

I’m pretty proud to say that I started the day early in the morning, especially with the time change last night. I’m always waking up way too late and then feeling guilty about all the things I could have done instead of savouring the sweet morning sleep. Some vlogs, a tasty breakfast and a well-needed coffee gave me the perfect boost to feel productive and continue with my work.

And out of the house I was! I met with a good friend and took a stroll around the city in order to spot some places and take some photos for a civism project we’re going to present later in April. An Oreo milkshake and the typical laughs couldn’t be missed! I didn’t forget to stop by one of the best book stores in town, where I melted into comfy sofas, talked about books and bought one of my favourite magazines (which by the way I applied for, wish me luck in being accepted, it would be such a dream come true!).

Back into my nerd cave (a.k.a. my beloved room) I took advantage of being home alone and played some loud music, it’s just something so special about sinking into the lyrics and exploring every single note of the songs. The rest of the afternoon included reading my current book, chatting with some pals, finishing some more homework I had to do (always there in my routine, huh) and planning the week that is coming. A full one for sure!

It surely was a nice day I will be craving for in the next few days. How about your Sunday? How did you spend it?

Until next time! ๐Ÿ™‚



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