Throughout time, I find many things that turn my fangirl mood on. I realized that lately I’ve been loving the same stuff, none of which are missed in my daily routine. Here are some of my current obsessions!

Dan Brown books ~ Besides my boring school lectures, I’ve been trying to make my book schedule more interesting by reading Dan Brown’s novels. After randomly watching Angels & Demons on TV (especially because the main character is played by the beloved Tom Hanks), I have remained captivated and haven’t stopped reading his books ever since. They are so unique and breathtaking! I’ve just finished the Robert Langdon series and I’m deeply impressed by Brown’s never-ending flow of original ideas and amazing documentation. Looking forward to reading his other novels as they are patiently waiting on my shelves!

The Sims Freeplay ~ I can’t say I’m that adventurous in the gaming zone. But I must say that The Sims is a favourite! Even though I have never played it on the PC (what a shame, isn’t it), I can’t take my eyes off the mobile version. It is so fascinating how you can build your life so easily however you wish. It makes me very excited to try the original computer ones as I heard they are much better!

Atomas ~ This is one of those games you start playing and you’re growing an obsession for. I found out about it in a YouTube video and as soon as I saw that it involves chemistry, I had to give it a try. Now it’s one of the little things I fill my time with, really enjoying it so far!

Adult colouring books ~ I know, you’ve heard about them everywhere! I was getting so curious about their effects on reducing stress and replacing it with relaxation, no wonder I was thrilled to get one for Christmas! After school breaks and hours before sleep spent colouring, it is one of the most pleasant activities I’ve ever done. It is good to come back to childhood habits as I was a notorious painter when I was younger. They definitely sharpened my attention and loosened me up in the hardest of times.

Bronze eye shadow ~ I don’t wear makeup very often, but when I do, I can’t skip a bronze look for my eyes! It just makes me feel confident and helps my eye colour stand out. My current favourite choice is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade On and on Bronze, you can build it up easily and it blends out like a dream!

Pistachios ~ As for treats, I have to choose pistachios. I forgot how much I loved them until recently. They are a simple delight to my taste buds, I always make sure to keep some around the house!

These are only a few of my favourite things and I’m sure there are more to come. I would be so happy to hear about yours so feel free to comment them in the section below!

Until next time! ๐Ÿ™‚



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